procedural art

  • jenny the bot

    a tumblr bot that automatically generates geometric art, textposts, short songs, poetry, and marxist essays, using a variety of procedural generation methods including markov chains.
    - written in python
  • desperate housewives episode generator

    a collection of markov text-generation models, trained on the scripts of the episodes of the first two seasons of Desperate Housewives. attempts to create several scenes with several actors each, including dialogue and stage directions, and Mary Alive voiceovers on the first and last scene.
    - written in javascript
  • 11:11 make a fish

    a random fish generator that only works at 11:11 each morning and evening, in your local timezone.
    - written in php
  • cellular automata based digital synthesizer/sequencer

    conway's game of life simulation happening on a 16 beat sequencer playing different musical scales via a software synthesizer
    - written in javascripte

coding projects

  • metroidvania-style map editor

    click and drag to create/resize rooms or to create doors between rooms. rooms are color coded by region, doors can be regular or one-way. export map data to json format.
    - written in javascript/html
  • willow (programming language)

    my own simple interpreted programming language / interpreter, designed to have a clear and readble syntax.
    - written in python
  • image2ascii

    a script that will convert an image into an ascii art version of that image, with customizable "depth" (what percentage of original image size is used for output size).
    - written in python



  • d.a.n.m.a.k.u

    minimalist bullet hell - avoid the bullets, hit the bombs, survive as long as you can. grazing near bullets without getting hit earns you bonus points.
    - written in javascript
  • searching for angels in automata

    conway's game of life simulation is taking place on a grid of letters, but there is also an invisible 3x3 cell angel floating across the grid. every tick of the simulation, the angel toggles the alive/dead states of the cells under her. click on her to find her. she will let you know when you found her.
    - written in javascript
  • let your egg people grow into large trees

    relaxing sandbox / goddess simulation - spawn forces of nature on a planet, then watch them interact. create the conditions for growth, or decay.
    - written in unity/c# - available on android
  • hexplant

    click on green outlined hexes to grow the plant. each plant cell shows how much water it has access to, and you can't grow the plant anymore from a cell with 0 water. try to find the goal !!! hex!
    - written in javascript
  • two of swords

    a short autobiographical visual novel / choose-your-own tarot adventure / personally quiz / turn based battle.
    - written in renpy/python

    indie color-matching infinite bullet-hell, inspired by old-school boss fights. descend into hell and slay the old gods.
    - written in unity/c#
  • the crows

    low-rez procedural survial horror crow-hunting game, made for a 64x64 pixel resolution jam
    - written in unity/c#